Business Taxes

McMahon Keyes & Co. has been advising on a wide variety of tax compliance and consultancy issues for clients since the beginning of the 1990’s.

We have a diverse client base and we have experience of dealing with clients at all levels including individual sole traders, small, medium and large companies.

McMahon Keyes & Co. can advise on the business taxes:

  • Corporation Tax
  • VAT Returns
  • Relevant Contractor Tax (RCT)
  • Return of Oil Movements (ROM1)
  • Dividends Withholding Tax

Corporation Tax

On finalising the financial statements of a company we will prepare the corporation tax return and submit the same to the inspector of taxes.

Preliminary Corporation Tax must be paid on the 21st of the month before the company’s year end. The return must be filed by 21st day of the ninth month after the year end.

VAT Returns

We offer a range of services relating to VAT returns. For clients that are short of time we can prepare and file the businesses VAT returns. We also offer to train businesses in preparing their own VAT returns in order to save costs. We can also recommend an accounting package that can suit your business.

We offer advise on VAT compliance, when each VAT rate applies and when you need to be registered for VAT.

Remember you must keep all invoices and documents relating to the business for 6 years.


We can prepare weekly and monthly payslips for employees which include registering each employee, checking tax credits and tax bands for each employee and filing the P30 and P35s.

Each employer should provide weekly/monthly payslips to their employees.

Relevant Contractors Tax (RCT)

If you are acting as a principle contractor on a site you must file a contract notification with revenue when you hire a subcontractor. This will disclose the subcontractors details, site number and the estimated cost and length of the contract. Before payment the principle must file a payment notification with revenue disclosing the gross amount payable to the subcontractor.

We can advise on the filing of these returns or we can train the client on how to file these returns.